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Department 42 - Museums - Autonomous Province Bozen
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Photo credits
All photos belong to the Department Museums, photos Ludwig Thalheimer with the exception of the following:
Councillor: Helmuth Rier; visitor centres of the National Park of Stilfserjoch/Stelvio, apart from Lahner Sawmill visitor centre: National Parc of Stilfserjoch; Habsburg Museum: Habsburg Museum; Meran Municipal Museum: Meran Municipal Museum; Women’s Museum: Women’s Museum, photo Daniel Pichl; Touriseum: Touriseum; Peter Mitterhofer Typewriter Museum: Peter Mitterhofer Typewriter Museum; Bad Egart Museum – Royal and imperial Museum: Bad Egart Museum – Royal and imperial Museum; Adventure mine Schneeberg Passeier: Adventure mine Schneeberg Passeier + private; Jaufenburg Castle: Jaufenburg Castle; Bunker Mooseum: Bunker Mooseum; Kunst Meran: Kunst Meran, photo A. Marini; Nature parks: National Park Office; Railway World: Railway World; Lahner Sawmill National Park visitor centre: Lahner Sawmill National Park visitor centre, photo Oberhofer Ronald; Museion: Museion, photo Matteo De Stefano; South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology: South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, photo DPI; South Tyrol Museum of Natural History: South Tyrol Museum of Natural History, photo Othmar Seehauser; Bozen Municipal Museum: Bozen Municipal Museum; Mercantile Museum: Mercantile Museum; Tecneum – Technical Museum: Tecneum – Technical Museum; Runkelstein Castle: Runkelstein Castle, photo 3D-Pixel; Museum Moos-Schulthaus Castle: Museum Moos-Schulthaus Castle; Museum of People through Time: Museum of People through Time; Museum of Popular Culture: private; South Tyrol Museum of Wine: South Tyrol Museum of Wine; Geoparc Bletterbach: Geoparc Bletterbach; Museum in the Residence of Bishop Johannes Zwerger: Museum in the Residence of Bishop Johannes Zwerger; Diocesan Museum Hofburg Brixen: Diocesan Museum Hofburg Brixen; Pharmacy Museum of Brixen/Bressanone: Pharmacy Museum of Brixen/Bressanone, photo Stefan Brüning; Mining World Villanders: Mining World Villanders; Augustinian Abbey of Neustift: Augustinian Abbey of Neustift; Archeoparc Villanders, Archeoparc Feldthurns: Archeological Heritage Office; Mining World Ridnaun Schneeberg: Mining World Ridnaun Schneeberg; South Tyrol Museum of Hunting and Fishing: South Tyrol Museum of Hunting and Fishing; Franzensfeste Fortress: Association Oppidum; Museum Mansio Sebatum: Museum mansio Sebatum, photo Gruppe Gut; South Tyrol Museum of Folk Traditions: South Tyrol Museum of Folk Traditions; Museum Ladin Ursus ladinicus: Museum Ladin Ursus ladinicus; Tourism Museum of the Upper Puster Valley: Tourism Museum of the Upper Puster Valley; Rudolf-Stolz-Museum: Rudolf-Stolz-Museum, photo Friedrich Gossner; Mining Museum in a Grain Store: Mining Museum in a Grain Store; Prettau Mine Museum: Prettau Mine Museum; Messner Mountain Museum Ripa: Messner Mountain Museum; Firefighting Helmet Museum: Firefighting Helmet Museum; Lodenwelt: Lodenwelt.

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