The nine Regional Museums of South Tyrol

Between 1976 and 2003 the Province of Bozen/Bolzano created nine museums. Their activities cover archaeology, science, the history of mining, folk traditions, the culture of hunting and fishing, wine culture, history, the culture of the Ladins and the development of tourism. 

The nine Regional Museums of South Tyrol aim to give  visitors a modern, dynamic view of the diversity of culture and the natural and social history of South Tyrol through modern and efficient methods. In this way both the local population and the many tourists coming to the area experience the cultural, historical and natural aspects of the region.  

Eight of the nine Regional Museums belong to the company "Regional Museums of South Tyrol ", located at the Museums department.  
These are the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology and the South Tyrol Museum of Natural History in Bozen/Bolzano, the Touriseum in Meran/Merano, the South Tyrol Museum of Wine in Kaltern/Caldaro, the Museum of Folk Traditions in Dietenheim/Teodone near Bruneck/Brunico, the Museum of Hunting and Fishing at Castle Wolfsthurn in Mareit/Mareta, the Museum Ladin Ćiastel de Tor in St. Martin in Thurn/S. Martino in Badia and the South Tyrol Mining Museum in Steinhaus/Cadipietra, Prettau/Predoi, Ridnaun/Ridanna and Moos Passeier/Moso in Passiria. 

Castle Tyrol houses another Museum founded by the Province of Bozen/Bolzano, whose activity is dedicated to the culture and history of South Tyrol. This Museum is run independently but works closely with the company "Regional Museums of South Tyrol ".