Hoamet Tramin Museum - Living on the frontier

Egetmann with bride

Rathausplatz 9, Tramin (Termeno)
Tel.: +39 328 5603645, +39 0471 860695

Good Friday–Oct
Tue, Wed, Fr 10–12
Thu 10–12, 4–6 pm
special guided tours on request

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€3.00 adults
free for children up to 16 years

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The Museum emphasises winegrowing, agriculture, housekeeping and crafts in the Unterland region, as well as local customs such as the “Egetmann” carnival parade in Tramin and the new central theme “Living between North and South”.


  • Tramin Museum, inside
  • Egetmann, Bridal pair, Councillor
  • Urn, Bronze Age