South Tyrol Mining Museum - Site Schneeberg

Mining Museum Schneeberg Passeier, mine train Foto South Tyrol Museum of Mining

Schutzhütte Schneeberg, Moos in Passeier
Tel.: +39 0473 647045, +39 0473 656306

Mid of June–Mid of Oct
Guided tours
Tue–Sun 1 pm (2 hours)
Sat 8.30 am (10 hours)

Admission price

Little tour

  • €9.00 normal
  • €8.00 reduced
  • €4.00 children (7-15 years)

Big tour

  • €26.00 normal
  • €23.00 reduced
  • €12.00 children (7-15 years)

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Those interested in mines and hiking will enjoy the walk on the Schneeberg mountain between the Passeier and Ridnaun Valleys. At 2,355 m above sea level are the Passeier adventure mine and mountain refuge, the starting point for informative mining trails and guided tours both above and below ground. The mine and refuge on the Schneeberg in the Passeier Valley are only accessible on foot, either from the Timmelsjochstrasse in the Passeier Valley (two hours) or from Maiern in the Ridnaun Valley (four hours).


  • Schneeberg Passeier
  • Mining Museum Schneeberg Passeier
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  • Mining Museum Schneeberg Passeier Foto South Tyrol Museum of Mining