GEOMuseum Radein

GEOMuseum Radein Foto Christian Weber

Peter Rosegger Haus, Radein, Aldein (Aldino)
Tel.: +39 0471 886946

daily 9.30–6 pm

Admission price

  • €6.00 adults*
  • €3.00 schools and buses passengers*
  • children up to 14 years free entrance*

    * incl. entrance fees to Bletterbach gorge, GEOMuseum Radein and Visitor Centre, helmet rental

Guides tours:

  • €13.00 guided tour (for one - admission)  **
  • €10.00 guided tour elderly, disabled, students up to 27 **
  • €10.00 group **
  • €7.00 shool classes **
  • €29.00 family card (€16,00 one adult with children) **

    ** incl. guided tour of Bletterbach gorge, GEOMuseum Radein or Visitor Centre, helmet rental

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The GEOMuseum at Radein is accommodated in the Peter-Rosegger house next to the church in Oberradein. It displays the most significant finds from the GEOPARC in the Bletterbach gorge and the most characteristic rock varieties found in the vicinity.


  • GEOMuseum Radein Foto Christian Weber
  • GEOMuseum Radein, fossil horsetail Foto Christian Weber
  • GEOMuseum Radein, fossil conifers Foto Christian Weber