Museum Pons Drusi

Museum Pons Drusi. Foto Stiftung St. Elisabeth

Grieserhof, Glaningerweg 1, Bozen (Bolzano)
Tel.: +39 0471 097100

with guided tours only, on request

Admission price

  • €7.00 adults
  • €5.00 seniors from 65 years, students
  • €3.00 children 7-16 years
  • free for children under 7 years
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By the building of the senior center came out extraordinary archaeological evidences of the Roman age: a building rich decorated with frescoes with columned hall and a massive structure - probably the base of a temple or a monument. There are as yet the most important archaeological remains of Pons Drusi, the Bolzano of the Roman age.


  • Head of the goddess Diana or Venus. Foto Stiftung St. Elisabeth
  • Amphora. Foto Stiftung St. Elisabeth
  • Objects of the Roman time. Foto Regionl Office for the Museums
  • Roman fresco, detail. Foto Regional Office for the Museums