Crib Collection, Muri Gries Monastery

Crib Collection, Muri Gries Monastery Foto L Thalheimer

Kloster Muri Gries, Grieser Platz 21, Bozen (Bolzano)
Tel.: +39 0471 281116

Feb–Nov 1st Sat of the month 3–5 pm
1st Sat Adventseason–2 Feb Sat 3–5 pm
Dec also Sun 3–5 pm
July, Aug by arrangement (T 0471 921016)

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  • free admission

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The Crib Collection Muri Gries Monastery is accommodated in the monastery’s Romanesque tower which has survived from the former Gries Castle, and shows a wide selection of cribs and depictions of Christmas and the Passion.


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