Ladin Museum - Tor Castle

Ciastel de Tor

Ciastel de Tor, via Tor 65, S. Martin de Tor (S. Martino in Badia)
Tel.: +39 0474 524020
Fax: +39 0474 524263

7 Jan-March: Thu-Sat 3-7 pm
May–Oct: Tue–Sat 10–4 pm, Sun 2–6 pm
July, Aug: Tue–Sat 10–5 pm, Sun 2–6 pm
26 Dec–6 Jan: daily 3-7 pm

Admission price

  • €8.00 € adults
  • €6.50 € seniors (over 65 years), groups (15 or more), students (up to 27 years)
  • €2.00 € students (with class) + €1.00 € for each Educational activity (Ladin, German and Italian are the only languages used during the activities)
  • €16.00 families (2 adults, children up to 16 years)
  • children up to 6 years free

The ticket allows the free entry in the Museum Ladin Ursus ladinicus in St. Kassian within 14 days from purchase.

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Since 2001 the historic Thurn castle, dating back to the 13th century, has housed the Ladin museum. The Ciastel de Tor, with its distinctive residential tower, presents the history of over 30,000 Ladins whose common identity is characterised by two important features: their language, which derives from popular Latin, and the unique mountain landscape of the Dolomites. The museum presents the geology, archaeology, history, language and handicrafts of the five Ladin-speaking valleys.


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